Heidi Klum supports the figure with unconventional exercises


The supermodel shared the secrets of her perfect shape.

Heidi Klum is approaching her 48th birthday and does not leave a cohort of extremely attractive ladies, demonstrating her girlish slenderness and flawless body lines with each post on Instagram. This requires a lot of effort and persistence for a mother of four children.

In a pre-New Year interview with the British edition of Women’s Health, Heidi told exactly how perseverance and effort is needed to be in great shape at the age of 40+: “After forty years, I was recommended to exercise with the so-called low impact – without heavy grueling workouts and diets.”

The model noted that for her personally, classes with a hoop, regular swimming in the pool and, strangestly, jumping on a trampoline were best suited for her. Because these jumps, although quite short, create not only the effect of vivacity and improve coordination, but also help to maintain excellent shape.

The wife of guitarist Tom Kaulitz (who is 16 years younger than his chosen one) said: “My salvation during the pandemic was the pool, I swam 20 laps a day, it turned out to be much better than a treadmill.”

It is worth noting that the pool in the Klum house is of considerable size and we are talking about fairly long swims. Heidi advised not to neglect such forms of exercise as hula hoop rotation, jumping on a trampoline and squatting – available to many more people than the number of owners of mansions with a large pool.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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