High-ranking nuclear expert killed: Iran blames Israel for attack


Mohsen Fachrisadeh, classified by some states as the head of the nuclear program, is killed in an attack in Iran. In a letter to the UN, Tehran names those who it believes are responsible. In the US, meanwhile, a former CIA chief condemns the attack.

After the fatal attack on a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist, the government in Tehran blames Israel. There are “serious indications” that Israel was responsible for the killing of Mohsen Fachrisadeh, according to a letter from Iranian UN Ambassador Majid Tacht Rawanchi to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

In it, he warns the USA and Israel against “adventure actions” in the remaining term of office of the outgoing US President Donald Trump. Iran will take “all necessary measures” in its defense, underlined Rawanchi.

According to the Iranian state media, Fachrisadeh died of injuries after an attack on his car. In Western countries and in Israel, as well as in exiled opponents of the Iranian leadership, the scientist was suspected of having been the architect of a covert nuclear weapons program that, according to the government in Tehran, was discontinued in 2003. The US and Israel, on the other hand, assume that Iran will continue the program.

Ex-CIA boss condemns assassination attempt

Meanwhile, former CIA chief John Brennan has sharply condemned the fatal assassination attempt on the prominent Iranian nuclear researcher Mohsen Fachrisadeh. It is a “criminal act and a highly reckless” act, he tweeted.

“I don’t know whether a foreign government ordered or carried out the assassination of Fachrisadeh,” Brennan wrote, referring to the allegations made by the Iranian government. “Such an act of state sponsored terrorism would be a blatant violation of international law and encourage other governments to carry out deadly attacks against foreign government officials.”

Brennan emphasized that Fachrisadeh was not on terror lists or was a member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist militia or the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia. Anyone on such lists is a legitimate target for deadly attacks.

With the killing of Fachrisadeh, those responsible risked “deadly retribution” and “a new round of regional conflicts,” Brennan criticized. The ex-CIA boss, who is considered a sharp critic of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, appealed to the government in Tehran to “resist the demand for retaliation”.

Brennan was director of the CIA from 2013 to 2017 – so he served under former US President Barack Obama and his then Vice-President Biden. Brennan was not part of Biden’s campaign team. This week, however, the future president announced that after taking office, Brennan’s former deputy Avril Haines would become director of intelligence.

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