Hilaria Baldwin told how easy it is to get rid of the molesting men


Hilaria advises saying that you have many children.

The other day, 37-year-old Hilaria Baldwin told how she got rid of the obsessive men who stuck to her while walking the dog.

“I was walking with the dog, several men came up to me and began to say typical inappropriate things. But it was enough for me to say that I have six children, and they literally ran away, “- said Baldwin. Following Hilaria posted a post in her Stories section: “If you need to get out of an awkward situation, I give you the right to pretend that my children are yours (but only from afar). It works like a spell. “

Earlier, Hilaria told subscribers how quickly she reconciles with her husband Alec if she quarrels with him by correspondence. The actor’s wife, instead of arguing with him, sends him funny photos in which she is fooling around with all six children. “When Alec and I have stupid arguments and I get tense messages from him, I answer him with such funny random pictures. And you try. The tension immediately dissipates, he can not help but laugh, “- said Baldwin.

Over the past six months, two more babies have appeared in the family of Alec and Hilaria: the son of Eduardo, whom Baldwin herself gave birth to, and the daughter of Lucia, who was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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