Hit statistics of the fight Joseph Parker – Derek Chisora

Hit statistics of the fight Joseph Parker – Derek Chisora

A few hours ago, at the Manchester Arena in English Manchester, a duel took place between former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker and former title challenger Derek Chisora. At the end of 12 rounds, the judges gave the victory by split decision to the New Zealand ex-champion.

According to the statistics of the CompuBox system, Chisora ​​delivered more punches and was more accurate. In total, the Briton has 245 accurate hits compared to 181 for his opponent. Chisora ​​defeated Parker in both the number of precise jabs (50-48) and the number of power strikes (195-133). In terms of accuracy, the advantage is also on the side of the Briton – 40% of hits versus 30.5% for Parker.

However, it should be noted that Chisora ​​created himself a solid handicap in terms of the number of accurate shots in the first half of the fight, and then statistically Parker leveled the position in the ring.

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