Hollywood star is transgender: Netflix changes credits for Elliot Page


In 2007, Ellen Page celebrated her breakthrough as a pregnant teenager in “Juno”. Now Page announces in a long statement that from now on he will be called Elliot and be a man. Netflix responds to this with new credits.

Known as Ellen Page through films such as Juno and Hard Candy, Elliot Page has made public that he is transgender on social media. Netflix has already changed the metadata of films and series in which Page can be seen on the streaming service. If you visit the overview pages of the in-house series “The Umbrelly Academy” and the cult hit “Juno”, the 33-year-old actor is already listed there as Elliot Page.

The announcement is apparently not intended to affect the role of the Canadian actor in “The Umbrella Academy”, one of the most popular Netflix series. Page is supposed to continue to play the Vanya Hargreeves. This is what insiders told the US industry magazine “Variety”. There are therefore no plans to change the sex of the character. In November, the streaming service had confirmed that a third season of the series was in the making.

“Hi friends, I want to let you know that I am transgender, my pronouns are he / they and my name is Elliot. I feel happy to write this and to be here and to have arrived at this place in my life”, Page said on Tuesday, among other things, on Instagram.

Stars show their support

His joy is real, but also fragile. “The truth is that while I feel deeply happy right now and know how many privileges I have, I am also scared.” Fear of hatred, “jokes” and violence. “The statistics are staggering. Discrimination against transgender people is widespread, insidious and cruel, with dire consequences.” Suicide attempts and murders of transgender people serve as terrifying examples.

Many stars showed their support for Page shortly after the article was published. In the Instagram comments, for example, his colleagues Anna Paquin, Taissa Farmiga and pop superstar Miley Cyrus reported.

Cyrus wrote: “Elliot rules”, supplemented by several black heart emojis. Fellow actress Ruby Rose expressed her affection and support by saying “love love love you!” out. And Page’s wife, Emma Portner, commented, “I love you so much, Elliot!”

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