Hopefully the AfD will continue to disassemble itself


Jörg Meuthen intensifies the power struggle in the AfD with a sweeping blow to Gauland, Höcke & Co. Just keep it up, because the party is already sagging in the polls

A word was said at the AfD party congress that I was allowed to miss for many years. So far I thought it was a monopoly of the left, which has always frenetically covered itself with this swear word. When people like Jürgen Trittin were still dreaming of the revolution in left-wing splinter groups, when Maoists and Stalinists fought down to the knife over pure doctrine, they spit it out as contemptuously as some AfDists spit it out on the weekend.

The ominous word is: divisive.

Aesthetically, it’s more of an embarrassment. It is neither fluent nor used beyond the political. But the way Alexander Gauland and the others spat the word into the microphone, in a tone of utmost contempt, it was charged with anger and the next step would have to be physical violence.

The tirades were aimed at Jörg Meuthen, who is not an eccentric or a notorious rebel, but rather the opposite, a bourgeois right-wing man with a decent job and incendiary rhetoric. He is not an outsider either, in fact he is one of two leaders of this party. What is correct about the accusation, however, is that he has wanted to reorganize the AfD for some time, whereby he is an intimate enemy of the völkisch right, which in Björn Höcke venerates its prophet.

One can argue about how much success Meuthen has achieved. Well, officially the “wing” (also such a strange word) dissolved, but of course it still exists, because Höcke & Co are still there and have an unbroken influence, as was shown in Kalkar. It’s true, Andreas Kalbitz has been excluded from the AfD, but what the heck, Tino Chrupalla, Meuthen’s co-chairman, differs only slightly from the split off Kalbitz.

Does Meuthen have a kind of right-wing CDU in mind?

Ironically, we have to wish Meuthen luck trying to shed ballast. Apparently, he has a right-wing CDU in mind, which one day could form a coalition government with the right CDU. On the far right there would therefore be a völkisch mercenary group who would dream of a conservative revolution on the Kyffhauser.

Alexander Gauland once started like Jörg Meuthen. Resigned from the CDU, he wanted to stir it up from the right. His AfD initially wore the insignia of the former CDU: national, white, German, black, red and gold the soul. The melancholic must somehow be overcome by the radicalism of old age, so that he lost his bearings. This is what happens to people who have remained in the background for their entire life and then suddenly rise to acclaimed leaders. Because Meuthen reminds him of his origins, Gauland treats him in a particularly disparaging manner.

The speech in Kalkar can be understood as a dialogue between Meuthen and Gauland. Meuthen mocks the Bismarck cult that Gauland celebrates. Meuthen considers it completely inappropriate that the Bundestag is gossiping about the “Corona dictatorship”, and Gauland also means by it, whereby the party congress in Kalkar serves as a denial against the stupid polemics.

Meuthen as the key witness of his own party

From now on we can quote Meuthen as the key witnesses of his own party. He polemics against the preference for crazy “lateral thinkers”, “whose bizarre, sometimes openly anti-system positions and views suggest that they don’t even think straight ahead, let alone real lateral thinking”. Well roared right?
Or the reprimand for AfD members of the Bundestag who compared the Infection Protection Act with Hitler’s Enabling Act. Meuthen asks, quite a statesman, whether such comparisons do not prohibit themselves because of “the generally known monstrosity and, in this dimension, also the singularity of Nazi barbarism?” As is well known, Gauland called the twelve years of Hitler a “bird shit” in German history.

In Kalkar, Meuthen concluded his speech with this alternative: “Either we will get the curve here, and very decisively and very soon, or we will experience a grand failure as a party in by no means in the distant future.”

The bourgeois should remain, the ethnic should be eliminated

Yes, someone wants to have a different party than the AfD became. Jörg Meuthen wants to save the bourgeois and eliminate the folkish. Separate the lambs from the wolves, that’s how he sees it. The CDU-affiliate from the system sprinklers. The accusation that Meuthen is divisive is true, at least when one is called Gauland, Höcke or Chrupalla.

It looks like Meuthen is not alone, but it does not have a majority behind it. Perhaps that will change. His opponents run after the “lateral thinkers” movement and open the door for them. The receipt is the decline of the AfD nationwide to seven percent. Some uncertain minds are likely to ponder this. The rights beyond the CDU and CSU preferred to dismantle themselves in the past. It would be great if the AfD stayed true to this tradition.

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