Hospital threatens to be dismissed: US nurses protest against compulsory vaccination

Hospital threatens to be dismissed: US nurses protest against compulsory vaccination

Hospital threatens to be dismissed

US nurses protest against compulsory vaccination

The Houston Methodist is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Texas. Employees have to get vaccinated there, otherwise they could lose their jobs. Around 100 of the 26,000 employees are now calling for a protest.

In Texas, around one hundred employees of one of the largest hospitals in the US state are fighting against a de facto vaccination requirement at their workplace. Houston Methodist Hospital staff in the Texas capital organized a protest at one of the hospital’s locations. Employees of the facility are threatened with dismissal if they have not received their first vaccination against the corona virus by Monday.

“We are not against the vaccine,” said one of the initiators of the protest, nurse Jennifer Bridges, the local newspaper “Houston Chronicle”. “We just want to feel more comfortable with it and do a thorough research before we take it.” You and around a hundred colleagues have therefore filed a lawsuit against your employer. Bridges had solicited support for their cause in the online networks.

Dozens responded to the call, including the 40-year-old Kerry Rickard. Rickard said he had already lost his job because he stood up for his belief that he did not want to wear a mask. He came to “support my free-thinking colleagues”. Bridges is “brave, brave and a gift from God”.

According to the hospital administration, almost 100 percent of the 26,000 employees have “complied with the request (to be vaccinated)”. It is unfortunate that this achievement, which makes the Houston Methodist the safest hospital in the country, “was overshadowed by a few disgruntled staff,” the hospital said.

In the US, more than 171 million people – 52 percent of the population – have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to date. However, surveys show that healthcare workers are among the country’s biggest vaccine skeptics.

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