how much did Matt Damon lose by giving up the role

how much did Matt Damon lose by giving up the role

Damon does not regret his decision to this day.

Jason Bourne star Matt Damon has unveiled the highest salary he lost when he turned down the role.

Many years ago, Avatar director James Cameron begged Damon to star in the project and even promised him 10% of the total profit for it. Matt did not think for a long time and almost immediately refused.

In an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, Damon explained why he decided to do this and not otherwise.

“Yes, that would be my biggest salary in my life. I will go down in history, because you have never seen a person who would refuse more money. I couldn’t play for Cameron then, because I already played Bourne, ”ComicBook quotes him.

At that time, James was not yet as popular as he is now, but Damon said that he did not regret his decision, because his children did not need anything.

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