How much Donald Trump is in you? – US election 2020

How much Donald Trump is in you?  – US election 2020

A few days before the election in the USA, Donald Trump is still behind his challenger Joe Biden in the polls. You can use this test to find out who you would vote for if you voted.

In the final spurt of the election campaign, Donald Trump is trying to make up ground. The US President, who has just recovered from a corona infection, holds several campaign appearances every day – regardless of the pandemic in front of crowded supporters. Trump is currently well behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in national polls. The Democrat is also in the lead in several states that are decisive for the election – even if Trump was able to catch up a bit there in the last few days.

Trump is currently doing everything possible to steer the focus of reporting away from the corona pandemic. So far in vain, the number of infections in the USA remains at a record level. In fact, other issues such as the health system and migration also play an important role in the election campaign and in the decision for or against Biden or Trump. Find out in the “Trump-O-Mat” developed by “Kieskompas” whether your attitudes and opinions are more in line with those of Trump or Biden.

Click here for the “Trump-O-Mat”

The “Trump-O-Mat” was developed by the Dutch company “Kieskompas” in cooperation with Jan Philipp Thomeczek from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and US scientists. The Internationally active research institute founded in 2006 works completely independently and scientifically. With the data collected in the surveys, “Kieskompass” wants to increase the quality of reporting on political issues.

The most popular tool from “Kieskompas” in Germany is the online selection aid “Wahl-Kompass”. More than 45 million people in over 40 countries have filled out one of the “Kieskompas” voting guides.

The data collection is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the surveys and analyzes carried out, it is never possible to identify individual people. You can find more about the data protection provisions of the “Trump-O-Mat” here.

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