“Howled like a wild animal”: Ashley Judd almost loses a leg in the rainforest


“Howled like a wild animal”
Ashley Judd almost loses a leg in the rainforest

Shock moment for Ashley Judd: While working to save the bonobo great apes in the rainforest, the actress falls and almost loses her leg. But the incident also did something positive for them.

Ashley Judd (“Twisted: The First Suspicion”) is not only a world-famous actress, she is also passionate about protecting endangered species. But she almost paid for her commitment to saving the bonobo great apes in the Congolese rainforest with the loss of a leg. In a video interview on Instagram with the “New York Times” columnist Nicholas Kristof, Judd tuned in live from the intensive care unit of a South African hospital and reported on her “catastrophic” accident.

Accordingly, the star had “gruesome 55 hours” behind her after falling over a tree trunk in the dark and breaking one of her legs four times. She also suffered nerve damage to her leg, and an amputation is said to have been discussed.

Judd had to bite on stick

She was taken to a hospital with a motorcycle and a stick in her mouth to bite into because of the pain. She “howled like a wild animal,” Judd recalls of her ordeal. Again and again she lost her consciousness due to the agony.

Despite everything, Judd emphasizes how lucky she was as a privileged American woman in this situation: “The difference between a person from the Congo and me is accident insurance that allowed me to stay on an operating table in South Africa 55 hours after my fall to lie.” A Congolese would have lost his leg – or even his life – in the same situation.

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