Huawei plans to release a mouse with wireless charging

Huawei plans to release a mouse with wireless charging.png

In the face of tough sanctions and restrictions imposed on the company, Huawei is looking for opportunities to work in related markets. It became known about the company’s plans to release a mouse that will support wireless charging via the Qi protocol. The model will be called Huawei Wireless Mouse GT and will receive model number AD21. This information became known thanks to the appearance of the device in the Wireless Power Consortium database. According to the captured image, the mouse will be designed for right-handed grip and will be released in black. Huawei Wireless Mouse GT can work with any charging mouse pads that are compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. At the moment, nothing is known about the timing of the release of the device. It is also not reported whether Huawei plans to release its own charging mat or will focus on the offers on the market.

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