Huawei unveils a collection of smart glasses Huawei × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II

Huawei unveils a collection of smart glasses Huawei × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II

The Chinese company Huawei has announced a new generation of smart glasses Huawei × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II, combining, according to the manufacturer, advanced technology with the design of the premium brand of sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER, offering users the latest innovations in the field of audio, ergonomics and artificial intelligence.

The Eyewear II collection, in addition to the signature GENTLE MONSTER design, offers a wide selection of both vision correction glasses and sunglasses developed using Huawei technologies, including privacy features. The ultra-thin semi-open wide-amplitude speaker provides stereo sound in any environment, and the Smart Interaction function turns the glasses into a personal assistant that offers quick access to various information and intuitive interaction.


Modern technologies have made it possible to make these smart glasses compact: the thin temples are made of titanium and plastic, providing durability with low weight, and the temples’ hinges are made of elastic titanium material. Compared to the first generation, the curvature of the Huawei × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II has been increased from 12 ° to 20 ° for a better fit.

Huawei Eyewear II supports a new intuitive gesture control system. To pair with a mobile device, lightly touch the left hook. The voice assistant is activated by double tap on the left arm. In addition, the glasses support swipes – to switch to the next or previous song or adjust the volume, the user just needs to slide his finger along the arms without having to take out the smartphone.

Sensors use smart algorithms to detect when a user is putting on and taking off their glasses, or trigger scenarios – for example, pause music playback and resume it if the user puts the device back on for three minutes. If the user puts aside their glasses for a while and then puts them on again, a window will appear on the smartphone screen allowing you to quickly check the battery level. By clicking on the pop-up window, you can go to the device settings for more information. Eyewear II glasses rechargeable batteries allow them to work without recharging in music playback mode for up to 5 hours. At the same time, the new wireless and contactless fast charging technology based on NFC allows you to quickly recharge your glasses at any time.

The Huawei × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II will officially go on sale this month starting at € 299.

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