Hugh Grant reveals the truth about his “marriage of convenience”

Hugh Grant reveals the truth about his “marriage of convenience”

In 2018, the actor married Anna Eberstein.

Bridget Jones’s Diary actor Hugh Grant, 60, has revealed the truth about his controversial marriage to Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. In 2012, Hugh and Anna became the happy parents of their son Joe, three years later Grant had a daughter with Eberstein, and in 2018 a third child appeared out of wedlock, whose name and gender the star parents are strenuously hiding.

It is noteworthy that the lovers got married only 6 years after the birth of their eldest son John. Then in the press the actor was accused of the fact that he was married by convenience – they say, now it will be convenient for Grant to move from England to Scandinavia thanks to his Swedish wife.

Hugh Grant reveals the truth about his “marriage of convenience”

Grant could not endure such an insult and hastened to justify himself. So, on his personal Twitter page, the actor posted a screenshot of the accusations and explained why he actually married Eberstein.

“Everything that they write is not true. I got married because I love her. Precisely and only for this reason, ”he stated.

However, this fact did not help Grant at all. The fans continued to harass the actor and remembered his own words: in one of the interviews, Hugh confessed that he was very tired of constant passport control. Anna and her children always went through the checks without hindrance.

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