“I don’t have answers to all the questions”


Rumer shed her weight noticeably.

The eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis has always been compared to a beautiful mother, but often not in favor of the heiress. Rumer admitted that several years ago her photos from social events were mercilessly retouched, so she felt devastated and frustrated. But it is not in vain that Rumer is the daughter of “Die Hard”: the girl has no character. Over the past four years, Demi Moore’s daughter has not consumed a drop of alcohol, lost weight and began to look much better than a few years ago.

Rumer posted selfies on her Instagram page in which she poses with her hair down in a printed T-shirt. “Four years of sobriety today! I am very glad that I have chosen a path that does not imply doping in order to have fun or forget. ” Bruce Willis’ daughter noted that giving up alcohol was a great tool for her. “However, I didn’t have answers to all the questions,” she concluded. Rumer supports fans who have also taken the path of sobriety: “I am here to help and listen.” “We are very proud of you,” the subscribers replied to the star, noting that she looks “fantastic”.

Recall that some time ago Rumer was complex because of her non-standard appearance. The constant comparisons between Rumer and her mother, who became the standard of female beauty, added fuel to the fire. As a result, Rumer decided to undergo plastic surgery, gave up alcohol and is now quite pleased with herself.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anastasia Khapova

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