“I don’t remember why I call you that”


Cox congratulated her star friend on her 52nd birthday.

In honor of Jennifer Aniston’s 52nd birthday, her close friend and colleague on the Friends TV series Courteney Cox shared rare footage with the star. Happy Birthday Jenny Louise! We’ve known each other for so long that I don’t even remember why I call you that. I love you, ”Cox congratulates her friend touchingly. The first photo shows Courtney and Jennifer with their daughter Cox Coco. Aniston is the girl’s godmother. The second picture shows a selfie of star friends. The rest of the colleagues on the set of Friends remained silent on social networks, perhaps preferring to congratulate Aniston in person.

In an interview, Cox shared the secret of their long and strong friendship: trust. She said that next to her friend she feels calm and can dial her number at any time of the day. Fans were quick to join in the congratulations in Courtney’s comments. “Congratulations! Your friendship is worth a lot! “,” You are the best! ” – wrote the fans. Also, subscribers have a question: why does Cox call his star friend that way? The middle name of the actress is Joanna. “I have a question. Why Jenny Louise? What is the reason for the name Louise? ” – asked one of the fans in the comments.

Jennifer Aniston also received congratulations from other star colleagues. The actress was congratulated by Reese Witherspoon, colleague on the TV series “The Morning Show”, ex-husband Justin Theroux and others.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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