“I think Donald Trump is running again”

“I think Donald Trump is running again”

Again there is a sign that Donald Trump wants to run for election in 2024. A confidante wrote on Twitter about a conversation with the ex-president.

Former US ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grennel, believes that Donald Trump will run again. The American diplomat wrote on Twitter: “I spoke to President Trump today and I would say he is running.”

In June, Trump made hints at a Republican party conference that he was looking forward to the election year 2024, but without being specific.

Grennel is a Republican and was ambassador to Germany for two years until Trump brought back and appointed him as Director of National Intelligence. He was the first openly gay high-ranking government official under Trump and had previously served under George W. Bush. Grennel is a critic of Merkel’s policy and declared during his time as ambassador that he wanted to “support conservatives in Europe.”

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