“I wasn’t ready to forgive Trump”

“I wasn’t ready to forgive Trump”

Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge his loss to Joe Biden. Now Michelle Obama describes how difficult it was for her Trump to leave the White House.

Donald Trump just doesn’t want to go and accept his defeat in the US election. He tries to stay in office with unsubstantiated claims that the election results were falsified and several – now partially rejected – lawsuits. Michelle Obama, the wife of the previous President Barack Obama, recalls her own exodus from the White House in an Instagram post – and admits: It wasn’t easy for her either.

“I was hurt and disappointed”

“I was hurt and disappointed. But the votes were counted and Trump had won. The Americans had spoken. And one of the president’s greatest responsibilities is to listen when they do it,” wrote Obama under her latest Instagram picture. It shows her on the day she moved out of the White House – hand in hand with her husband. In 2016, Trump prevailed against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump does not care about handover

“We did what George and Laura Bush did before and for us: we organized a respectful and seamless handover – the hallmark of American democracy.” It was not easy for Michelle Obama because Trump previously spread racist lies about the Obama family. “I wasn’t ready to forgive him. But in the interests of the country, I had to find the strength and maturity to put my anger aside.” Trump had doubted at the time that the Obamas were legal citizens of America.

Still, she explained everything she wanted to know to Trump’s wife: from raising children in the White House to behaving as a first lady. “I knew it was right. Because our democracy is more important than all of our egos.”

But so far there has been no comparable invitation from the Trumps to the regulated handover. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden and his team will still move into the White House – with or without a welcome from the then ex-President Trump.

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