“I’ll get Craig to do another movie”


The actor is ready to play another role in one franchise.

Mads Mikkelsen loved the idea of ​​following Maud Adams’ example by playing two different roles in the James Bond films. It is known that Adams played Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun, and then, 11 years later, in 1983, she was again involved in the production of one film franchise: this time as the main character in the movie Octopus. Mikkelsen supported this idea. “It was great to work with him at Casino Royale and it would be fun to end it with his last Bond. I’ll have to talk Daniel Craig into making another movie! ” – the actor shares and adds that he liked working with Craig on the set.

Now the actor is engaged in several Hollywood projects. The Hannibal star successfully combines work in the MCU with other movie roles. He is currently filming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, replacing Johnny Depp as the dangerous dark wizard Grindelwald. Mikkelsen also starred in films in his homeland, Denmark. Including recently released the film “Another Round” by Thomas Winterberg, which attracted the attention of film critics.

In Another Round, Mikkelsen portrays Martin, a history teacher who “just forgot how to accept the present,” as he puts it, not to mention the past and the future. His marriage is ruined, his two children are disappointed in him, and life seems pointless. He and three of his best friends, fellow teachers, came up with an experiment to test how different levels of alcohol in the blood affect their ability in science and personal life.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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