“I’ll kiss everyone here” – US election campaign

“I’ll kiss everyone here” – US election campaign

After his corona illness, the US President made an election campaign for the first time. In front of supporters in Florida, Donald Trump celebrated his recovery from the viral infection.

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US President Donald Trump bragged about his recovery from the disease on his first campaign trip after his coronavirus infection. “I feel so strong!” Trump exclaimed on Monday in front of enthusiastic supporters in Orlando, Florida. Shortly before the performance, his personal physician Sean Conley announced that the president had now tested negative for the virus several times.

“They say that I am immune,” said Trump in his speech. “I can move in this crowd (…), hug everyone, the men and the wonderful women,” joked the 74-year-old. And he added, “I’m going to kiss everyone in this audience. I’m going to kiss the guys and the beautiful women (…). I’m just going to give you all a big, fat kiss.” You can also see Trump’s euphoric appearance in the video or above here.

Very few visitors to the event wore respiratory protection. Because of his infection, Trump had to avoid campaign trips for a week and a half. For the next few days he is planning further appearances in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and Des Moines, Iowa.

While Trump was still on the way to Orlando in the presidential Air Force One plane, his personal physician Conley had stated that a series of rapid corona tests by Abbott had given the president negative results for several days in a row. Other factors were also taken into account in order to “determine the current negative status of the president”. All data suggest that “the president is no longer contagious”.

Trump shows no weakness when appearing in Orlando

Conley had already announced on Saturday that Trump was no longer considered contagious – but without expressly declaring the president to be virus-free. On the same day, Trump presented himself to hundreds of supporters on the balcony of the White House – without a respirator.

In Orlando, Trump gave one of his usual aggressive campaign speeches, in which he mocked his election challenger Joe Biden as “sleepy Joe”, warned of the “radical left” and the “socialist nightmare” and the “corrupt” Press attacked. He also again praised his Supreme Court candidate, Amy Coney Barrett. This will be a “fantastic judge” on the Supreme Court.

In the Senate in Washington, which is controlled by Trump’s Republicans, hearings with Barrett began on Monday. The Congressional Chamber is expected to give the Conservative lawyer the necessary approval to take office at the powerful Supreme Court before the November 3rd presidential election.

This would further cement the supremacy of the conservatives at the court – and possibly for decades to come, since the constitutional judges are appointed for life. The speed with which the Republicans want to go through the nomination process before the election is vehemently criticized by the opposition Democrats.

Biden leads the way in national polls

In the polls, Trump is currently ten percentage points behind Biden across the country. Likewise, the Democratic candidate and former vice president was able to expand his lead in several possibly election-winning states. Even in the state of Florida, which is considered to be particularly important, Biden is ahead on average in the most recent polls.

Nevertheless, during his appearance in Orlando, Trump was confident that he would be able to repeat his election success of 2016 in Florida. “It was similar four years ago, they said we were going to lose Florida,” said the president, adding, “In 22 days we will win this state and four more years in the White House!”

Unlike Trump, Biden has not performed in front of large crowds for months. He justifies this with the recommendations of the health authorities to contain the coronavirus.

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