“I’m tired of talking about Trump”


The US President answered questions from citizens on television. He promised that all US citizens can be vaccinated against corona by the end of July – and weighed down the issue of Donald Trump.

US President Joe Biden no longer wants to deal with his predecessor Donald Trump. “I’m tired of talking about Trump,” said the 78-year-old at a CNN-broadcast question time with citizens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Biden also said, “For four years all that was on the news was Trump.” In the next four years – that is, during his term in office – he wanted to ensure that the American people were the focus.

Biden: Everyone can get vaccinated until the end of July

Biden also announced that all US citizens can be vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of July. “By the end of July we will have 600 million doses of vaccine, enough to vaccinate every US citizen,” said Biden. He had previously stated that enough vaccine would be available to everyone in the United States by the spring. Most recently, however, the White House referred to problems with the availability of vaccines and with their delivery.

At the event in the so-called town hall format, Biden also campaigned for support for his controversial Corona aid package. “Now is the time to spend money. Now is the time to think big,” he said. The economic stimulus and aid package has already cleared an important hurdle in the Senate, but has not yet been finally passed.

Biden considers the aid to be indispensable in view of the severe health and economic crisis. His proposal includes $ 160 billion in corona vaccinations, tests and health workers, and checks for $ 1,400 for millions of citizens. The majority of the opposition Republicans in Congress are critical of the aid package. They think the help is excessive and insufficiently targeted.

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