Impeachment case: final arguments of the parties

Impeachment case US NEWS
Impeachment case

On Tuesday, President Trump will make a report on the situation in the country in Congress

On Monday, senators hear the final arguments of the parties to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Recall that the very next day the president should make a report to Congress “On the situation in the country.”

Monday’s speaking time is split evenly between the parties, the impeachment managers appointed by the House of Representatives, and Trump’s legal team.

The first congressman Jason Crowe, one of the impeachment managers, turned to the experience of the past to emphasize the importance of the Senate as an instance to which the country should be treated with confidence.

He also noted that President Trump’s actions threaten the integrity of the upcoming elections.

Referring to the precedents of the impeachment proceedings, Jason recalled the Watergate case.

According to another impeachment manager, Val Demings, more than convincing evidence of the abuses committed by the president was presented during the trial. She mentioned Trump’s pressure on the president of Ukraine to encourage him to launch an investigation into his political rival and to hinder Congress’s efforts to investigate the episode.

In this context, Demings focused on the activities of Rudi Giuliani, who, according to her, collaborated with the most corrupt Ukrainian officials,

She also noted the conspiracy theory that Ukraine, and not Russia, interfered in American elections.

Val Demings highlighted the campaign to discredit former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Jovanovic.

As the impeachment manager emphasized, Trump was involved in the large-scale harboring of his actions.

At the same time, she said that, according to the available evidence, in the story with the invitation of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to the White House, President Trump acted on the principle of “service for service”.

She clarified that the president used the delay in military assistance to Ukraine as a means of pressure.

Demings noted that evidence of abuse by the president is essentially not in dispute.

Obstruction of Congress by President Trump has no parallels in the country’s history, the impeachment manager said.

Demings recalled that Trump forbade key administration officials to cooperate with the investigation of the House of Representatives and refused to transmit documents related to his actions against Ukraine. “This is how guilty people behave,” said the congressman.

According to impeachment manager Hakim Jeffries, a president who impedes impeachment proceedings puts himself above the law and his power becomes unchecked. Having justified the president, we cannot be sure that the next election will be free from foreign interference, continued Jeffries. According to him, the excuse will be a “fatal blow” to impeach US presidents in the future if possible. He also added that in this case, such behavior “will become the new norm.”

In this case, the United States will send false signals to Ukraine, which is fighting for its independence, and to Russia, and to the European allies of the United States, the impeachment manager stated.

In this context, Jeffries recalled the support of Ukraine from the late Republican Senator John McCain.

The legislator praised the courage of Marie Jovanovic and Alexander Windman, manifested, in particular, in their speeches in Congress.

Congressman Adam Schiff, leader of the impeachment management team, praised the staff involved in the proceedings.

At noon, a break was announced during the meeting.

President Trump’s lawyer, Kenneth Starr, then spoke of freedom and justice as the main American values.

Starr raised the question of the veracity of the allegations against the president. He recalled the haste of the proceedings in the House of Representatives and the fact that the democratic majority did not allow the Republican minority to invite their witnesses.

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