Impeachment in Senate: Democrats complete submission of charges against Trump

Impeachment in Senate US NEWS

Representatives of the Democratic Party demand to remove the president from power due to abuse of power and obstruction to Congress

On Friday afternoon, the Senate continued the impeachment of President Donald Trump. During today’s hearing, Democrats will finish presenting their arguments that the Senate should remove President Donald Trump from office due to abuse of presidential power and obstruction of Congress.

On Friday, Democrats tried to prove Trump’s guilt that the president impeded Congress by barring key witnesses from testifying and refusing to provide important documents to House investigators.

“President Trump tried to commit a hoax, he was caught, and then he worked hard to hide it,” said Democrat Hakim Jeffries, one of the impeachment managers, opening the Senate meeting on Friday, Reuters reports.

On Friday, ABC News reported that its journalists had at their disposal an audio recording made in April 2018. On the record you can hear the voice of Donald Trump, who speaks about his desire to resign Marie Jovanovic, the US ambassador to Ukraine.

“Get rid of her! Remove her tomorrow. I do not care. Fire her tomorrow. Remove her. Okay Do it, ”the president quoted ABC as saying.

If the audio recording turns out to be genuine, this will confirm the Democrats say that Trump had been trying to remove Jovanovic from office for almost a year, since the president, in the opinion of his opponents, saw the diplomat as an obstacle to his efforts to put pressure on Ukraine.

Donald Trump himself had previously stated that he had every right to dismiss Jovanovic. The appointment and removal of ambassadors is the responsibility of the president. Jovanovic resigned in May 2019.

The Senate, the majority of which are Republicans, is unlikely to support the House of Representatives, which at the end of December declared Trump impeachment. However, this did not prevent the Democrats from urging the Senators for three days to support the House of Representatives and approve impeachment articles.

“If law does not matter, we are gone. If the truth doesn’t matter, we are gone, ”said Congressman Adam Schiff, impeachment general manager for the House of Representatives, acting as prosecutor at the hearing.

Another impeachment manager, Jerrold Nadler, on Thursday called Trump’s statement that the president should not be removed from office due to abuse of power is “dangerous nonsense.”

Democrats accuse Trump of trying to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to initiate an investigation against Joe Biden, one of the current presidential rivals in the 2020 election. According to the Democrats, Trump tried to persuade Kiev to cooperate in exchange for providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Jay Seculow, one of Trump’s lawyers, claims absolute confidence that “the president will be acquitted. There is no doubt about it. ”

Observers expect Senate proceedings to end in favor of the president, as Republicans occupy 53 out of 100 seats in the upper house of Congress. To remove the president from power, it is necessary to get at least two-thirds of the votes of senators, which is impossible in the current situation. Democrats will have to convince at least 20 senators to take their side, and not a single Republican has yet declared his support for impeachment.

Donald Trump is the third president in US history to undergo impeachment in the House of Representatives. In 1868, lawmakers impeached Andrew Johnson, but the Senate acquitted the president. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 on charges of giving false evidence to the grand jury because of a scandal over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was also acquitted by senators.

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