In the fight against the election result: Rudy Giuliani should lead Trump’s lawsuits

In the fight against the election result: Rudy Giuliani should lead Trump’s lawsuits

Joe Biden wins the US presidential election. However, despite various setbacks, his current predecessor Donald Trump is not moving away from wanting to take legal action against the election result. Now his lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani is supposed to lead this fight.

After setbacks in his lawsuits against the result of the presidential election, Donald Trump turns to his longtime lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor should lead the legal effort, Trump tweeted on the night. Trump’s campaign advisor David Bossie, who had previously been tasked with this, was unable to act a few days ago due to a coronavirus infection.

Giuliani is a loyal companion of Trump, but has already got him into trouble several times. He was a central figure in the Ukraine affair that sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump. Giuliani had actively sought to persuade Ukraine to investigate Trump’s ultimately victorious challenger Joe Biden.

In the final spurt of the election campaign Giuliani tried in vain to use emails from an alleged notebook owned by his son Hunter Biden to suspect that Biden was doing dubious business in Ukraine. Most recently, he repeatedly disseminated Trump’s claims without any evidence that his presidential election victory had been stolen from him by election fraud in favor of Biden. Several lawsuits filed by Trump attorneys in various states have failed in court due to a lack of evidence.

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