In the USA, up to 200 thousand people can die from coronavirus

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Currently, more than 3 thousand people became victims of the disease

White House Coronavirus Coordinator Deborah Birks warned that a pandemic could lead to the deaths of up to 200,000 Americans, even in an optimistic scenario. Her statement further eroded the hope that the country could recover quickly from the global health crisis.

While the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded 37 thousand, and in the US reached 3 thousand, federal and state officials issued gloomy warnings that the situation would worsen at first and only then begin to improve.

Birks told NBC News that 200,000 people could die from the coronavirus in the US, “even if we do everything together well, almost perfectly.”

The United States continues to lead in confirmed cases. As of Monday, there were more than 160 thousand.

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