In use non-stop since March: Photo of a comforting doctor goes around the world


In use non-stop since March
Photo of a comforting doctor goes around the world

Joseph Varon has been on duty in a Houston hospital for more than 250 days. In the corona pandemic, the doctor and his team are working to the limit. A photo that touches millions of people around the world shows that humanity does not fall by the wayside.

A doctor in a protective suit holds an elderly patient comfortingly in his arms on his 252nd consecutive working day in a corona intensive care unit: A photographer from the Getty Images agency held this scene at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas last week with the camera firmly. Since then, the photo with head physician Joseph Varon has been around the world on the Internet.

Varon told CNN that he had already been working 252 days without a break when he saw the white-haired patient on Thanksgiving. The man tried to get out of bed. “I want to be with my wife,” said the older man, loudly Varon, through tears. He was very sorry for that: “I felt very sad, just like him.” The patient eventually stopped crying and felt better. There is hope for the elderly patient: According to Varon, he should be discharged before the end of the week.

Many patients put the isolation in the corona intensive care units on their minds, Varon said. “You are in a room that people only come into in spacesuits,” the doctor explained. “Some patients are trying to escape. Recently someone tried to get away from the window.” The patients felt isolated in the isolated intensive care unit, “they just want to get out of there”.

Varon also told CNN the enormous burden the work at the Covid station in Houston is on the staff. “My nurses break down, some cry in the middle of the day because they get sad about situations like this,” said Varon.

In the CNN interview, the doctor also warned the US population to adhere to the hygiene rules: “People are outside in bars, restaurants, shopping malls. It’s crazy. People don’t listen and then end up in my intensive care unit.” When people finally did the right thing, healthcare workers like him could finally relax.

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