Inauguration of Joe Biden: will Trump just fly to Scotland?


Inauguration of Joe Biden
Is Trump just flying to Scotland?

In the United States, Trump leaves his fellow citizens puzzled as to what he is actually doing on the day of the handover to his successor Biden on January 20. Does he traditionally come to the ceremony? Or is he going to Scotland? A newspaper there has identified signs of this.

The fact that US President Donald Trump dutifully congratulates his successor Joe Biden on taking office on January 20 seems hard to imagine at the moment – as vehemently as he fables about electoral fraud and refuses to admit defeat to the Democrats. But what does he do instead? A Scottish newspaper now reports that Trump could spend the day in Scotland. The Sunday Post reported that a US government aircraft was expected at Prestwick Airport near Glasgow on January 19. It’s located very close to Trump’s Turnberry Golf Course.

The newspaper cites anonymous sources in the airport. Accordingly, a US military Boeing 757 is supposed to land there, which Trump had also used “occasionally” before. More often, however, the machine carried Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melania Trump. Previously, a special aircraft of the US Air Force is said to have carried out three-dimensional measurements over Trump’s golf course for a week. In addition, two reconnaissance planes are said to have been sighted there in November. Where these appear is an indication that Trump will be traveling there, the report says. Should Trump actually come to Scotland and visit his golf club, he could potentially break the corona rules, the newspaper report said. Because this is closed because of the pandemic.

The only answer from the White House was that Trump had not yet decided what to do on January 20. Everything has actually been settled: It has long been a tradition for the outgoing US President to attend the inauguration of his successor. That is part of the peaceful handover that is part of democracy. In the United States, it is also common for losers and winners to meet before the ceremony and drive together to the Capitol, where the swearing-in will take place. But since Trump denies having lost, it is difficult to imagine that he will actually stand by peacefully while Biden takes the oath of office.

There had been speculation beforehand that Trump could instead announce a new candidacy for 2024 on board the presidential plane, Air Force One. Others fear Trump may refuse to leave the White House and will have to be taken out by security officials. When asked about it in December, he said that he would very well leave the seat of government.

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