“Incessant whining”: Biden attacks Trump in Georgia


“Incessant whining”
Biden attackiert Trump in Georgia

In Georgia today it is decided how the future president can govern. Is it being thwarted by a Republican majority in the US Senate or does it have free rein? Shortly before the runoff elections in the state, Joe Biden does not save with swipes at Donald Trump.

One day before the decisive runoff elections in the state of Georgia, the future US President Joe Biden campaigned for the Senate candidates of his Democratic Party there. Election day on Tuesday could bring a new beginning “for Georgia and for America,” said Biden at a rally in Atlanta, the capital of the southern state. Biden attacked the outgoing President Donald Trump for his incessant “whining and complaining” about alleged massive election fraud in the presidential election on November 3rd.

Biden’s rally was organized as a so-called drive-in event because of the corona pandemic. So the audience stayed in their car. Biden accused Trump, among other things, of not supporting the US states in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. “I don’t know why he still wants the job if he doesn’t want to do the job,” said Biden, referring to Trump’s refusal to admit defeat. Speaking of the Republican candidates, Biden said they thought their loyalty was to incumbent President Donald Trump, not Georgia and the US Constitution. Two Democratic candidates, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, advertised Biden as principled and qualified. “You are honorable, you mean what you say.”

Trump called the two at a campaign event in Dalton, however, “extremists who would destroy everything that the patriots in Georgia care about.” Otherwise, he mainly used his 83-minute speech to repeat his known and unsubstantiated allegations of fraud regarding the presidential election. “You will not conquer the White House, we will fight like the devil,” said the current president at a campaign rally in Dalton. In front of thousands of supporters, Trump called on members of parliament and senators in Congress to object on Wednesday to the certification of the results from individual states.

Without a majority, blockades threaten

The Senate by-elections are vital to the future distribution of power in Washington. The two Democratic candidates, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, want to wrest their seats from the former Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. If the two Democratic Senate candidates succeed, Biden’s party would control both chambers of the US Congress in the future – the Democrats already have a majority in the House of Representatives. This would make government much easier for Biden.

The Republicans only have to defend one of the two Senate seats provided by Georgia in order to continue to dominate in this chamber. You could then block personnel decisions and political projects by the Biden government.

As things stand, the Republicans have at least 50 seats in the new Senate and the Democrats at least 48. If the Democrats win both seats in Georgia, a stalemate would result. However, this would be repealed by the future Vice President Kamala Harris, who by virtue of her office will also be President of the Senate. As President of the Senate, her vote can be decisive in the votes of the Chamber.

Biden is due to replace Trump in the White House on January 20. The elected president never tires of accusing the Democrats of massive electoral fraud, but he has not presented any evidence. Dozens of challenges to the Biden victory by the Trump camp have been dismissed by the courts. The state of Georgia had also played an important role in the presidential election. Biden’s victory in that state was one of the central building blocks of his overall success in the election. The recording of a phone call between Trump and the election officer in Georgia, in which the president unsuccessfully insisted that the election result be turned in his favor, is currently causing a huge stir in the USA.

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