Incident in the US state of Pennsylvania: New Tesla model suddenly catches fire

Incident in the US state of Pennsylvania: New Tesla model suddenly catches fire

Incident in the US state of Pennsylvania

New Tesla model suddenly catches fire

As soon as the Tesla model “S Plaid” rolls off the production line, there are already problems. In the US state of Pennsylvania, one of the luxury cars goes up in flames while driving. The driver can only get out of the burning vehicle with great difficulty.

According to a lawyer, a new Tesla top model “S Plaid” that has just been delivered went up in flames. The driver, a company boss, was only able to use force to save himself from the burning vehicle because the electric door lock blocked, said lawyer Mark Geragos. The car turned into a fireball shortly after rolling in a residential area in Pennsylvania. “That was a gruesome and appalling experience,” said Geragos. Tesla did not comment immediately on request.

The latest luxury car from the US electric car pioneer has only been delivered since June. The case is now being investigated, the lawyer said, and asked Tesla to take the model off the market until the causes were clear. Tesla boss Elon Musk had touted the car at the world premiere with the words that it was “faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo.” The development of the battery was more complex because of safety issues.

The US traffic safety agency NHTSA said it would investigate the case and intervene if the public needed to be protected. The authority has already checked a number of accidents with Tesla models due to the automated driving function.

It wasn’t until April that two men were fatally injured in Texas when their Tesla hit a tree and caught fire. According to initial information from the police, no one was behind the wheel during the accident. According to preliminary findings, the car’s “autopilot” system should not have been fully activated. Since important storage technology in the vehicle was destroyed in the crash, the case may never be completely cleared up.

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