Insight into his time in the Oval Office


After the election, the US is more divided than ever. Former President Barack Obama feels that too. “Markus Lanz” asked the Democrat in Washington about the current situation and his time in the White House.

When Barack Obama took over as the most powerful man in America in 2009, there was a lot to do. The world was in the midst of a devastating financial crisis, and war was raging in Afghanistan and Iraq. In an interview with ZDF presenter Markus Lanz in Washington, the former US President gave an insight into his time in the Oval Office and also spoke about what he hopes for the term of office of the newly elected President Joe Biden.

“On the first day in the Oval Office you realize that all the news in the newspaper and on TV, all the problems around the world are now your own problems too,” Obama said to Lanz, referring to what is now in store for the Democrat Biden. “You have to deal with that first.”

Obama: Hope for a “more reasonable America”

He is not surprised that the incumbent US President Donald Trump does not accept his election with dignity. The election of Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris makes the politician hopeful, however: “We now have the chance for a more sensitive and sensible America,” Obama said in an interview.

The deep division in society would not go away if Trump were voted out of office. Still, Obama showed confidence that the idea of ​​an inclusive America would win in the end. Obama also sees the dawn of a new era in American foreign policy. He is convinced that Biden will repair the transatlantic relationship.

Biden, who was declared the winner of the November 3rd election, is to be sworn in as president on January 20th. Incumbent Donald Trump has not yet admitted his defeat. He speaks of massive election fraud and has filed a number of lawsuits. Electoral authorities and experts strongly disagree and stress that Biden legitimately won the election.

Security precautions made Obama to create

During his time as president, he himself struggled with the “safety bubble” and celebrity status. Even as a presidential candidate, there were many threats against him. That didn’t change afterwards either: “I always thought that once I was no longer president, everything would be the same as before.”

In his own words, Obama found the decisions he had to make about war and the fight against terrorism particularly difficult.

The first volume of the memoirs of the former US president on his tenure in the White House will appear next Tuesday on 768 pages. Under the title “A Promised Land”, Obama takes a critical look at developments in US politics since 2008. At the same time, the German translation under the title “A Promised Land” appears.

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