Iran has 16 times more enriched uranium than agreed

Iran has 16 times more enriched uranium than agreed

Iran has 16 times more enriched uranium than was agreed in the 2015 international nuclear agreement. The responsible atomic energy authority is concerned.

According to an estimate by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has over 2.4 kilograms of uranium, which is almost weapons-grade. The state has been producing this material with a purity of up to 60 percent since April, the IAEA reported on Monday in Vienna. Last week, IAEA chief Grossi had expressed great concern about the developments in the Islamic Republic and pointed out that only nuclear-weapon states enrich uranium to such a high degree.

In the past few months, Tehran has taken various steps to build up pressure in the Vienna negotiations to save the 2015 nuclear deal. The work of the IAEA inspectors was severely restricted and uranium enrichment was promoted. According to the agreement, Iran is only allowed to produce material with a purity of less than four percent in order to operate nuclear reactors.

16 times more uranium than allowed

Around 90 percent are required for nuclear weapons, but theoretically such material can be produced very quickly from 60 percent uranium. “60 percent are almost suitable for weapons,” Grossi told the Financial Times last week. Tehran argues that it needs highly enriched uranium for medical purposes.

According to the IAEA report, Iran has more than 3,200 kilograms of uranium in various levels of enrichment – almost 16 times as much as the nuclear agreement allows. In addition, the report contained a long list of restrictions for IAEA inspectors. Accordingly, they are no longer allowed to visit important nuclear facilities every day, and they can no longer supervise the construction of enrichment centrifuges and the production of uranium ore.

In another report on Monday, Grossi expressed “deeply concerned” that Iran was not providing any information about the whereabouts of nuclear material that had been stored or used in secret locations.

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