Iran wants to give atomic authorities access to recording devices

Iran wants to give atomic authorities access to recording devices

Iran has long prevented the International Atomic Energy Agency from monitoring the country’s nuclear projects. With the new Iranian nuclear chief, that now seems to be changing.

There is apparently some movement in the stalled nuclear dispute with Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should regain access to its recording devices for monitoring Iranian nuclear projects. That was agreed at a meeting on Sunday between IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and the new Iranian nuclear chief Mohammed Eslami in Tehran, the IAEA announced. For a few months, the authority based in Vienna had been partially denied access.

Grossi is in Tehran for the first time since the new government took over in Iran in August. The most recent report by the IAEA showed that Tehran had increased the amount of uranium enriched by up to 60 percent, using ever more powerful centrifuges. This means that Iran continues to clearly violate the requirements of the 2015 Vienna Atomic Energy Agreement, which was supposed to prevent it from building an atomic bomb.

The new Iranian government under President Ebrahim Raisi has so far been unimpressed by the IAEA report and has also shown little interest in Grossi’s attempts to mediate.

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