Iranian nuclear power plant Bushehr shut down

Iranian nuclear power plant Bushehr shut down

A nuclear power plant has been in operation in Iran for ten years. It was built with Russian help. Now the plant has been shut down. The background is still unclear.

The Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant has been shut down because of a “technical error”. The plant was “temporarily shut down and taken from the grid,” said the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency on Monday night on its website. At first there was no more detailed description of the problem.

“If the technical error has been corrected, the system will of course be connected to the national power grid again,” said the authority’s brief statement. This should be the case “in a few days”. The power plant would have to be shut down for three to four days until the technical problems were resolved, said a spokesman for the energy organization Tawanir, according to media reports on Monday. He did not provide any further details, but it is believed that the problems are related to the lack of spare parts.

Citizens should reduce consumption

The Iranian electricity company asked citizens on Sunday to minimize their consumption during peak times. The reasons she cited were a “predicted rise in temperature” and “restrictions on power generation due to ongoing repairs at the Buschehr plant”.

The Bushehr nuclear power plant is the only one in Iran. It is located in the south in the Bushehr province on the Persian Gulf. The plant was built with Russian help and put into operation in September 2011. In 2013 the Akw was officially handed over after years of delay.

In 2016, Russian and Iranian companies started building two additional reactors in Bushehr. It will probably take around ten years for them to go into operation.

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