Iran’s President compares Donald Trump with ex-dictator Saddam Hussein


Hassan Ruhani sees Iran as the winner of an economic war – and expresses himself with drastic words in the direction of the US President. Trump won’t end much better than the executed Hussein.

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani has compared his American counterpart to the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. “In recent Iranian history, we have had to deal with two madmen twice … (Donald) Trump and Saddam,” said Ruhani on Wednesday. One involved Iran in a military war (1980-88), the other in an economic war, the president said on state television.

From Ruhani’s point of view, Iran ultimately won both wars. Saddam was unable to occupy the south and south-west of Iran, and Trump was unable to force the planned regime change. “Saddam was executed for his crimes (…) Trump’s fate will not look much better either,” said Ruhani.

Iran’s regime is hoping for Biden

The economic sanctions imposed by the US plunged Iran into the worst economic crisis in its recent history. According to its own statements, the US government wants to force Iran to renegotiate the international nuclear agreement and to agree to stricter conditions.

The leadership in Tehran accuses the US government of trying to bring about a change of power with the sanctions. The US denies that. Iran’s President Ruhani hopes that Trump’s successor Joe Biden will both return to the Vienna nuclear deal and lift the sanctions.

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