Is he or a double? Chuck Norris convicted of participation in protest in support of Trump


Social media users argue about the possible involvement of the elderly actor in the capture of the Capitol.

One of the main topics of discussion on Twitter was the appearance of a man very similar to Chuck Norris at a rally in support of Donald Trump. Netizens were divided into two camps: some are convinced that it was Chuck himself, while others found inconsistencies in appearance and believe that there was only a man who looked like an actor at the rally.

We will remind, supporters of Donald Trump gathered for a rally, the result of which was the capture of the Capitol on January 6. In social networks, discussions of this event do not subside to this day. That is why recently, someone caught the eye of pictures with Norris. The pictures were shared by one of the protesters named Matt Bledsoe.

Some of Joe Biden’s supporters immediately pounced on the actor with criticism: “Chuck Norris participated in the storming of the Capitol … Are we ready to stop treating him as a harmless eccentric star?” “Well … Chuck Norris is lost to me. You should have known about this earlier. “

However, not everyone believed so easily that the 80-year-old actor decided to come to the rally. They compared recent photographs of Chuck and the man in the crowd, finding a few significant differences. “I don’t think it’s him. Chuck Norris has blue eyes, and this guy has dark brown “,” It’s just some kind of his doppelganger, who, I’m sure, has been profiting from this resemblance for years “, – fans of the tough Walker role are sure.

In total, two photographs were taken at the rally with a man who looked like Norris. In the second picture, he only remotely resembles a celebrity. At the same time, neither the actor nor anyone from his entourage has yet commented on the rumors that appeared on the Web.

Photo source: EastNews

Author: Julia Malashikhina

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