“Is she even his daughter?”: Stallone surprised with a picture of a beautiful heiress

“Is she even his daughter?”: Stallone surprised with a picture of a beautiful heiress

The actor hastened to wish Scarlet a happy birthday.

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone touchingly congratulated his youngest daughter on her birthday. In honor of the holiday, the actor published a rare photo of Scarlet and hastened to devote important words to her.

On May 26, Scarlett celebrated her 19th birthday with close friends, which, however, did not stop Stallone from addressing her publicly and delighting her with her attention. So, the actor with many children confessed: he is insanely proud of his heiress and is sure that a promising future awaits her.

“Happy birthday, our wonderful Scarlet. You are talented, humble and generous. We love you more than anything else, ”he said succinctly.

Fans on the Web were quick to note that the girl did not inherit practically any traits from her father. Scarlet’s blonde hair and plump lips came from her mother, former model Jennifer Flavin.

“Is she even his daughter?” They ask.

In total, Stallone had five children. Sons Sage and Sergio were born in the actor’s first marriage with Sasha Zak. Sage died almost 10 years ago of a heart attack, and Sergio, 42, has autism. From Flavin, Stallone has three daughters: 25-year-old Sophia, 23-year-old Sistin and 19-year-old Scarlet.

Photo source: Photo: Legion-media

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