Is Trump’s family now politically burned? “He has blood on his hands”


With his supporters storming the US Capitol, US President Donald Trump could have squandered his political prospects. Even close allies no longer see him as a candidate for leadership positions.

The storming of his supporters on the Capitol and ignoring his electoral defeat could spoil US President Donald Trump’s political future prospects. The chances of followers and family members in a leadership role are likely to have deteriorated significantly, as incumbent and former members of Trump’s government team say behind the scenes.

Trump had repeatedly indicated his intention to run again in the 2024 presidential election and it was considered certain that he would have great influence on his Republican party. But the events surrounding the Capitol – the heart of American democracy – have changed everything, according to insiders. Read here why another impeachment trial against Trump could end his political career.

“He’s got blood on his hands now”

His behavior, encouraging supporters at a rally to march to the parliamentary seat with unproven fraud allegations to protest against the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election victory and only hesitantly call for an end after the tumult, greatly disappointed many people around him upset.

“It was a breach of duty as Commander-in-Chief, and I think his political career prospects have been fatally wounded,” said a former Trump employee at the White House. “He now has blood on his hands,” he added, referring to the supporter of Trump, who was shot and fatally injured by the police when they stormed the congress building. Three other protesters and a police officer died in the riot.

“There is no turning back from what happened. It was uproar. I don’t see how there can be a future,” said another former government official. “I think the cabinet members who have stayed and who do not speak out now or who are just resigning in secret have a flaw forever.” As an example, he cited Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is said to have ambitions for the presidency, and who only briefly described the riots at the Capitol as “unacceptable” on Twitter. The State Department did not want to comment.

Only Ivanka Trump was able to get her father to distance himself from the violence

Transport Minister Elaine Chao and Education Minister Betsy DeVos resigned as the first cabinet members in protest. “There is no doubt about the impact your rhetoric had on the situation and it is the turning point for me,” DeVos wrote in her resignation letter to Trump. According to insiders, at least six advisers to the National Security Council had previously resigned.

Trump’s distancing from the violence came late and only after his daughter Ivanka intervened, as a member of the presidential office emphasized. He also pointed out that the events are likely to complicate the political careers of Trump’s family members, such as a possible candidacy of his daughter-in-law Lara Trump for a Senate seat in the state of North Carolina.

“Over time he will continue to be a very strong voice”

Trump is also likely to have difficulties in the future in collecting larger sums of donations for his plans, as another ex-White House employee explained. “I think anything beyond a low dollar amount is going to be a problem,” he said. “Anything beyond a $ 100 donor is out.”

But even in the Republican Party, Trump is now facing a harsher wind. Senator Lindsey Graham, a longtime ally of the president, said Wednesday night angrily and firmly: “Enough is enough,” added that Biden was legitimately elected. He doesn’t think Trump will be elected to anything else, said another former employee of the presidential office. “Over time he will continue to be a very strong voice and he will have a very large following, but (…) I think the whole thing reduces the chances of him running for anything.”

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