Israel is the first country to ban fur trading

Israel is the first country to ban fur trading

The trade in fur is only permitted in Israel in exceptional cases. The animal welfare organization Peta speaks of a historic victory.

Israel is the first country to ban the fur trade. Minister Gila Gamliel signed an instruction to this effect the day before, a spokeswoman for the Environment Ministry confirmed. “Hundreds of millions of animals are being killed for the fur industry worldwide,” said Gamliel. In doing so, “suffering is caused by the use of indescribable cruelty”.

The ban is due to come into force in six months. Exceptions, however, should apply to scientific research and religious purposes. This applies, for example, to the fur hats of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

“Immoral and certainly unnecessary”

“The use of wildlife skin and fur in the fashion industry is immoral and certainly unnecessary,” Gamliel said. “Fur coats cannot cover up the brutal, murderous industry that makes them. Signing this rule will make the Israeli fashion industry greener and more animal-friendly.”

Animal welfare organizations welcomed the Israeli decision. The animal rights organization Peta spoke of a “historic victory that will protect countless foxes, minks, rabbits and other animals from being cruelly killed for their skin”.

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