“It hit me hard”: Drew Barrymore struggles with his third marriage

“It hit me hard”: Drew Barrymore struggles with his third marriage

All good things come in threes? Not so in the case of Drew Barrymore. Finally, her third marriage also fell apart. This separation is particularly difficult for the former “ET” child star, especially since the actress doesn’t know “how to open up to someone again”.

Actress Drew Barrymore had a long time to nibble on her third marriage break. She was married to the art dealer Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters, from 2012 to 2016. “I didn’t take the divorce well. It hit me hard,” Barrymore said on the US Today show. It took five years, in retrospect, “with strength, articulation and perspective” to recognize “what we did right,” said the 45-year-old.

“Because when we got divorced, it felt like everything just went wrong,” said Barrymore of the situation at the time. However, she is convinced that it is the same for everyone who believes that something is forever. After all, she made “the ultimate promise”.

Like a closed door

Barrymore said her children should have had wonderful families. She found it too, but something was wrong. “How tragic is that, please?” In her opinion, that is also the reason why she took the divorce so badly. It was “the last” thing she wanted to do to her children.

But together with the family of her ex-husband, she made the most important decision of all: They are one unit and deeply connected. “I think that’s what you call a family,” said the actress, who grew up without any real family ties. As a child she was in front of the camera. She became famous at the age of seven for her role in Steven Spielberg’s “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial”. At the age of 13 she went through drug and alcohol withdrawal, a year later she was emancipated from a juvenile court.

Since the divorce, Barrymore, who has had her own talk show on US television since September, has been single. She is not over her third marriage. “I don’t know how to open up to someone again,” said the mother of two honestly. It is as if a door has closed in her and it remains locked. “I think I’m just as scared of finding new love as I am of not finding one.”

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