“It will be hard for Donald Trump”


The Trump era is over and a new wind is blowing in the US. What did the historical start look like and what does it mean for the future? Markus Lanz addressed this question in his panel discussion.

Many were looking forward to it: Donald Trump is history as head of state. With the Democrat Joe Biden, the USA officially has a new president. This historic change of power, which brought about some changes in the first few hours, was the subject of “Markus Lanz” on Wednesday evening.

Via a live switch, the moderator looked from the studio to Washington to ZDF America correspondent Elmar Theveßen. The relief was really noticeable there at Biden’s inauguration ceremony, reports the USA expert. After all, the storm on the Capitol was not long ago. “Of course everyone had that in mind,” said Theveßen. At the ceremony on Wednesday, however, the feeling emerged that Parliament had been recaptured as the “Holy of Holies”.

According to initial reports, Biden’s inaugural speech was also “received very positively,” says Theveßen. The new president “is on a par with the Americans,” he said. “Today journal” moderator Claus Kleber, who was invited as an USA expert, gave the speech the title “typically Biden”.

Biden came across as “harmless”, “from the heart” and “sympathetic”, said Kleber. However, he also pointed out that the inaugural address missed such a “big phrase” as Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. With his appearance as an “old, wiser, no-one threatening man”, however, Biden demonstrated in his eyes that he had the chance to rectify the current situation.

In fact, Biden’s rhetoric was different from Donald Trump’s. While the Republican attracted attention with his brutal choice of words, Biden adopted a gentler tone and called for cohesion above all. He also made it clear that he wanted to embark on a fundamentally new path after the unprecedentedly turbulent Trump years.

But what will happen to Trump now?

The invited experts also speculated about the answer to this question at Lanz on Wednesday evening. Above all, Kleber pointed out that Trump as a “pensioner” no longer deserves media attention.

After five years, the media would no longer have to react to his statements on social networks, according to the USA expert. His verdict: “As of today, Trump is a retiree who grumbles.” This means that there is now room again to direct Trump’s focus back to America.

However, Kleber does not deny that Trump still has political power. “He still has his people in Congress in hand,” said the US expert. The Republicans should now “take away their fear of Trump”.

“It will be difficult for Donald Trump,” predicts correspondent Theveßen. Also with a view to the fact that the former president is in financial difficulties and has to repay loans in the hundreds of millions. The USA expert also shared a fun fact about Trump’s financial situation with Lanz: His luxury hotel in Washington would have to pay off Trump over 60 years – with the government, i.e. now with Joe Biden.

Maintain Trumpism

Lanz was also about Trumpism in connection with Trump’s future. “Trump sees himself as the head of a movement and wants to continue to cultivate Trumpism,” explains Theveßen. The saying “Make America Great Again” is great for selling. The expert also believes that a new party can be founded. Trump is reported to have recently spoken to confidants about this option.

“We’ll see how much of the visions will remain when all the toys are gone,” says Kleber. By “toys” he means, for example, Twitter, Air Force One and the notorious President’s nuclear suitcase, which Trump kept close to him until the end.

The fact is: Biden’s new government has already taken the first steps that could at least help the USA to have a bright future. For example, the entry ban imposed by Trump on people from several predominantly Muslim countries was lifted. Biden also initiated the return to the Paris climate agreement and stopped the US exit from the World Health Organization.

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