Ivanka Trump’s insider caught model Karlie Kloss in a lie


Donald Trump’s daughter took offense at her daughter-in-law because of her comments on Twitter.

Political issues can divide not only countries, but also families, especially if they are families of politicians. Between the daughter of the current US President Donald Trump Ivanka and her daughter-in-law, supermodel Karlie Kloss, a black cat seems to have run because of diametrically opposed views on the situation in the country.

After the storming of the Capitol by supporters of Republican Trump, Kloss, who supports the Democrats, publicly called the refusal to recognize the vote as anti-American. “Accepting the results of legitimate democratic elections is patriotic,” the girl wrote on Twitter.

One of the subscribers noted that she should have told Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner about this (Karlie Kloss is married to Jared’s brother, investor Joshua Kushner). To which the supermodel replied that she had tried to do it.

Sources say that upon learning about this correspondence, Ivanka was very surprised and offended by the behavior of her daughter-in-law. A family friend told Page Six that Kloss loves to speak publicly on political topics, but in his family he prefers to keep quiet about it. Ivanka communicates closely with Carly, but they never discuss their views on government.

“Carly likes to publicly position herself as an activist, but she never approached Ivanka on any of the issues she advocated, such as paid maternity leave, women’s participation in STEM and criminal justice reform,” the source added.

Another source who knows Karlie Kloss closely claims that she and Ivanka have not communicated for a long time precisely because of their different political views.

Karlie Kloss married Joshua Kushner in October 2018. A few months earlier, the supermodel converted to Judaism.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Elena Chekhovskaya

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