Jaime Mungia and Maciej Sulecki commented on the postponement of the fight

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Former junior middleweight champion (up to 69.9 kg), Mexican Jaime Mungia (36-0-0, 29 KO), and his rival, Polish middleweight Maciej Sulecki (29-2-0, 11 KO), commented on the postponement of their fight to be held on June 19th in El Paso, Texas.

Jaime Mungia: “I’m glad to be back. And I know that Maciej Sulecki and I will have a great fight. He’s a decent fighter for me, but I’ll put on a show in El Paso, no doubt about it. “

Maciej Sulecki: “A lot has happened, but I’m glad that everything is going on as usual. Defeating Mungia will allow me to fight again for the championship title. That is why it is so important for me to take care of this performance. I feel great and am ready to prove that I can compete with the best in the division. “

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