Jair Bolsonaro has to go to the hospital because of persistent hiccups

Jair Bolsonaro has to go to the hospital because of persistent hiccups

After a dental operation, Brazilian President Bolsonaro complains of permanent hiccups. Now the 66-year-old has even been hospitalized.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was hospitalized on Wednesday night for persistent hiccups. He’s been suffering from hiccups for over ten days, the presidential office said. In order to determine the causes, he will remain under observation for 24 to 48 hours, not necessarily the entire time in the hospital. The symptoms appeared after a dental implant operation.

Bolsonaro wrote on Facebook last Thursday: “I have hiccups 24 hours a day.” The 66-year-old suspected it could be because of the medication he is taking. In July of last year, the right-wing extremist president contracted Covid-19, but had only mild symptoms and did not need hospital treatment.

Coronavirus pandemic declines in Brazil

Bolsonaro downplayed the corona virus from the start, rejecting protective measures and restrictions for economic reasons. Bolsonaro also repeatedly questioned the point of vaccination. There have recently been major protests against his negligent corona policy, and the removal of the president is also being demanded. At the same time, Brazil is currently registering the lowest number of new infections every day for more than half a year.

The Ministry of Health in Brasília reported 17,031 new cases in the past 24 hours on Monday evening (local time), the last time it was at the beginning of January was a lower daily value of 15,827. At the height of an out of control corona pandemic, the South American country recorded more than 100,000 new corona cases within 24 hours in March.

Brazil mourns more than 534,000 corona deaths

In total, more than 19.1 million people have been shown to be infected with the coronavirus in Brazil, which began vaccinations in January. More than 534,000 patients have died in connection with Covid-19. Only in the USA have more deaths been registered; after the USA and India, the largest country in Latin America has the most infections. Brazil has 210 million inhabitants and is 24 times the size of Germany.

More than 115 million vaccine doses have been administered since the nationwide vaccination campaign began. Around 40 percent of adult Brazilians have received a single dose, around 15 percent are fully vaccinated.

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