Jake Paul: “My brother beat Floyd Mayweather”

Jake Paul: “My brother beat Floyd Mayweather”

Popular American video blogger and aspiring pro boxer Jake Paul is convinced that his brother Logan Paul defeated former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout that took place this morning in Miami.

The 8-round bout lasted the entire distance, but before the fight, Mayweather and Paul’s teams agreed to do without judges, so the winner was never announced. Despite the fact that Mayweather controlled the course of events in the ring, Jake Paul confidently stated that his brother inflicted the first defeat in his career with Floyd.

“50-1. Shit. My brother just beat Floyd Mayweather,” Jake Paul wrote on his Twitter page.

Before that, during the fight, Jake Paul said on Twitter that after six rounds he counted 4-2 in favor of his brother.

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