James Ali Bashir: “If Ryan Garcia’s Jaw Is Strong, He Will Beat All Lightweights”


The famous American coach James Ali Bashir, who at one time worked with Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Usik, believes that Ryan Garcia is capable of becoming a lightweight leader if he can take a punch.

“Ryan Garcia’s only vulnerability is his chin. If his jaw holds up, he will beat all these guys. Right now, only the vulnerability of his chin is in question. If his jaw is strong, he will defeat all the lightweights, including Jervont Davis.

I saw something in Garcia that I have not seen in other fighters. I saw something turbulent. I know there will be a lot of hype around Davis, Haney, Lomachenko and Lopez. But I say I saw something in Garcia that I didn’t see in the other guys.

Garcia missed a clean shot, but he got up, didn’t lose his composure, returned to the fight and took care of his case. I understand how he did it, but understanding is one thing, and execution is quite another. He excelled in both aspects, “said James Ali Bashir in an interview with YouTube channel BWTM SPORTS & GAMING.

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