James Ali Bashir: “In my opinion, Klimas is a racist. I’m not going to apologize for calling him a racist.”


Recently, the former coach of Alexander Usik, James Ali Bashir, gave a high-profile interview in which he accused the manager of the Ukrainian boxer Egis Klimas of his dismissal, and also said that he considered him a racist. According to the specialist, he continues to adhere to this opinion.

“Vlad Sirenko called me about this. And I stayed with my opinion. I said that Egis Klimas is a racist. In my opinion, he is a racist. I will say it again. I was born in 1951. In America, racists cannot hide from The fact is that blacks can feel racist even if he doesn’t say a word. You just have to make one move and blacks will understand everything.

When I first sat down with Klimas at the table, less than ten minutes later, he said that this guy wanted to fire me. I asked, “Which guy?” He replied: “The tendril”. Up to this point, I have never felt any negative from Alexander.

My feeling told me that this man is a racist. He may not be racist to others, but to me he behaved like a racist. I never liked it. I’ve always fought racism wherever I come across it.

I am not going to apologize for calling Klimas a racist, as I still feel that he is. I believe that we all have a responsibility to talk about racism to make the world a better place, “said James Ali Bashir in an interview with BWTM SPORTS & GAMING.

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