James Corden didn’t want to go on a diet due to gender stereotypes


The presenter told how he is struggling with being overweight.

42-year-old presenter and actor James Corden is known for his roles as fat people. However, now the artist has decisively taken care of his health: according to him, he has recently lost 7 kilograms and is not going to stop there. The actor also shared what kept him from such a decision for many years. “It was always considered not very sexy for a man to say that he was on a diet, and not very manly to want to make changes in his health when everyone else around him was drinking beer,” Corden admitted.

The actor, who has a son and two daughters from his wife, Julia Carey, no longer believes in these gender stereotypes. Now the presenter admits that he wants to feel better, and he is not ashamed to admit that for this he decided to lose weight. “I would like to be the healthiest person in my family for my children. I would like to feel better, ”says James.

Five weeks after the start of losing weight, the artist managed to lose 7 kilograms. According to him, he constantly has to do physical exercises that he hates. He thanks his wife for helping her lose weight. “We train with dumbbells and go out for small runs. I moan about it all the time, and then later that day I grudgingly admit that I really do feel better, ”says James.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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