Jamie Dornan bought a cartoon five times that he could see for free


The actor spent a total of about $ 300.

Jamie Dornan voiced a cartoon character, but ended up spending hundreds of dollars for his daughters to see. The star of the drama “Fifty Shades of Gray” said this during a conversation with comedian Jimmy Kimmel on his show. According to Dornan, he practically begged Universal to include him in Trolls. World Tour ”, and after scoring almost every week he prepared the girls for the premiere.

Jamie Dornan bought a cartoon five times that he could see for free

Jamie remembered that his daughters were very excited. And as soon as the tape was released, the artist decided to purchase it on iTunes so that he could watch it with his family in the evening without delay. The animation cost him £ 17, which is roughly $ 25.

Having rented the film, Jamie realized that it could only be watched for a few days. But the actor’s daughters regularly wanted to watch their favorite cartoon. And each time Dornan “rented” it for them.

“I think I bought it four or five times!” – he declared.

At the same time, he subsequently communicated with his own agent, who said that the studio had a code for artists, thanks to which the cartoon could be watched for free. But by that time, Jamie had already spent about $ 300.

Recall that the actor has three daughters from his wife Amelia Warner: Dalsy, Catherine and Albert.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Svetlana Levkina

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