Jessica Simpson doesn’t want a public apology from John Mayer


The singer said that because of him she acquired new complexes and became addicted to alcohol.

Jessica Simpson has repeatedly said that her relationship with musician John Mayer was painful for her. In her autobiography, Open Book, the singer said that next to John she felt stupid and put on new complexes, which she subsequently began to pour over with alcohol.

Jessica Simpson doesn't want a public apology from John Mayer

In one of the chapters of the book, Simpson talks about Mayer: “He is very smart. In every conversation he tried to show it, starting to compete with me, as it were. When I tried to add something during the dialogue, which, in fact, he led with himself, he found fault with my words, and I fell silent. I was afraid to disappoint him, I could not even send him a message without rechecking the grammar. “

However, in a recent interview with Tamron Hall, Jess noted that her stories about her toxic relationship with John do not mean that she expects remorse from him. “No, I definitely don’t need him to apologize to me. You can’t take back your words. I am a forgiving person, but also honest. In my memoirs, I just talk about what hurt me, and I’m not hiding anything. It was a period of my life. I was manipulated and I was in love. At least I thought so, ”Simpson said.

Jessica Simpson doesn't want a public apology from John Mayer

Simpson began dating John in 2006 after her divorce from Nick Lasche. After two unsuccessful relationships, Jessica became seriously addicted to drinking and was able to give up alcohol only in 2017, when she realized “that she had reached rock bottom.” In this decision, Simpson was supported by her current lover Eric Johnson, with whom Jess has been sober for almost four years.

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Author: Yana Shelekhova

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