Jesus is more famous than me

Jesus is more famous than me

The US President says he thinks Jesus Christ is the most famous person in the world. He himself is not even close, he said at a campaign appearance in religious North Carolina.

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US President Donald Trump does not consider himself, but Jesus Christ, to be the most famous person in the world. Trump said on Thursday (local time) at an election rally in Greenville, North Carolina: “The other day someone said to me, you are by far the most famous person in the world. I said no, I am not.”

The person in question then asked him who was more famous than him. “I said: Jesus Christ.” The US president added with a laugh: “I’m not taking any chances.” With a look up at the sky, he said to the laughter of his followers: “And let me look up and say it’s not even close.”

North Carolina belongs to the so-called Bible Belt, a region in which a particularly large number of strictly religious people live. The majority of the population is Protestant.

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