Joe Biden deals with governors

Joe Biden deals with governors

The Delta variant is driving the pandemic in the United States, while Republican governors are banning protective measures such as the mask requirement. Now President Biden found clear words.

US President Joe Biden has sharply criticized Republican governors for their corona policy. “If you don’t help, at least avoid the people who are trying to do the right thing,” Biden said in a TV address. Biden explicitly named two US states as negative examples: “Only two states, Florida and Texas, are responsible for a third of all new Covid-19 cases in the entire country.”

In some states, the mask requirement is forbidden in schools, complained Biden. In Texas, universities could even be fined for teachers asking unvaccinated students to wear a mask. The two Republican governors Greg Abbott from Texas and Ron DeSantis from Florida have recently spoken out particularly loudly against a mask requirement in their states and even banned it.

Biden praises compulsory vaccination in companies

“Use your power to save lives,” demanded Biden. “We need leadership from everyone. And some governors are unwilling to do what is right to fight this pandemic.” The Democrat also explicitly praised public and private employers who have introduced compulsory vaccinations for their employees. This is not an easy step, but he will support the companies and authorities in this, promised Biden.

He also wanted to thank companies like Google, Netflix, Disney and Walmart, he added. Others have declined to step up their efforts. “I find that disappointing,” said Biden. The US government announced last week that its employees – there are several million nationwide – will in future either have to prove their vaccinations or have regular tests for infection.

In June, the number of new corona infections in the USA fell to an average of around 10,000 per day. Since then, however, the number has risen again to an average of 80,000 per day due to the particularly contagious Delta variant.

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